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Sony DVP SR200p Blu Ray Disc Player

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Brand: Sony
Product Code: Sony DVP SR200p Blu Ray Disc Player
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Precision Drive™ 3 System Past generations of Precision Drive systems were only able to 
compensate for warped discs by moving the entire optical block, which took more time and limited 
the amount of correction possible. Sony's new Precision Drive™ 3 system simplifies the process by 
moving the lens-instead of the entire optical block-for faster and more accurate error correction.

MP3 Playback Playing MP3 music on a Sony DVD Player is easy. Just insert an MP3 encoded disc 
and press MENU. A blue screen pops up to Display your folders. Scroll down the list using the remote 
or front panel cursor control to select the folder you want. The green files screen pops up to show 
the files in the selected folder. Select the file you want to hear and you're done. Finding music 
couldn't be easier.

- Progressive Output (480p)
- Precision Drive™ 3 System For Flaws in DVD 
- Discs
- Fast/Slow Playback with Sound
- Multi Brand TV Remote Control
- Bilingual Basic Set-up Guide (English and 
- Bilinqual Carton Design (English and Spanish)
- 12 Bit Video DAC with 108 Mhz Processing
- 192KHz/16 bit Audio DAC
- DL/-R DLPlayback
- CD, MP3 and JPEG Playback



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